Plan your trip to Switzerland

Need help planning your next trip to Switzerland? In spite of all the content available for free, the numerous information in different articles on my blog, you still have questions. This can happen !

That’s why I offer travel advice sessions about travel in Switzerland.

What’s in the personalized Switzerland travel tips?

A telephone or video call with myself during which you can ask all the questions concerning the planning of your trip in Switzerland. Whether it concerns hiking, cities or travelling in Switzerland: I will answer all your questions !

What’s included:

  • 40-minute telephone or video call
  • Advice from a person living in Switzerland (myself)
  • Tips and tricks to discover Switzerland
  • Recommendation of activities and destinations according to your desires
  • Advice on accommodation and transportation according to your budget

How much does it cost?

The telephone or video call lasts about 40 minutes during which you can ask all the questions you want. The fee is 50 EUR or 50 USD !

How does it work?

1st step I Fill in the document below so that I can get an idea of the type of trip you want to make in Switzerland. You can find the questionnaire here !

2nd step I We fix a date together to organize this phone or video call. You will then receive the different means of payment (credit cards, PayPal, twint, …) available in order to conclude our meeting !

Why call on my services?

Organizing a trip to a foreign country can take a lot of time and energy. I offer my services in order to reduce this stress and save you precious time !

As a Swiss and a resident of this country, I know the subject very well and I will be able to give you personalized advice according to your needs and expectations so you would be able to plan your trip in Switzerland !