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7 tips for travel on a budget

It’s true that travel can be quite expensive, depending on the type of trip you choose. But there are many little tricks you can use to save money. Discover 7 tips and tricks for travel on a budget in this article.

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For several years now, I’ve managed to combine my studies, my student job and also going off several times a year to discover new places on our planet. To do all this successfully, I’ve developed a few techniques and also learned how to find good travel deals on a small budget.

So that as many people as possible can also take advantage of life to discover new places, I thought it would be interesting to share with you my tips for travel on a budget!

7 tips for travel on a budget

Choose the right period

By choosing to travel outside the high season, you can generally save a lot of money on flights, accommodation and even activities. Granted, it’s true that sometimes the low season corresponds to the rainy season. But these rains don’t usually last all day.

Another way to avoid the high season is to leave outside the main school vacation periods. For some of us, it’s very easy to leave in May-June or September-November. If this is your case, I strongly advise you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Pai in Thailand is an awesome place to travel on a budget

Compare transport prices

Often the biggest expense of a vacation is getting there. Whether you take the train, bus or plane, try to be as flexible as possible with your dates.

For air travel, I recommend using price comparison sites such as or These two sites compare the various possibilities for you. You can even choose a time of year, and the comparator will compare the destinations for you to find the cheapest one.

For trains, I’m a big fan of I’ve used this site a lot to book my train journeys to the Netherlands. They almost always have unbeatable rates!

Choosing the right accommodation

An easy way to travel on a budget is to choose less expensive accommodation. You can find nuggets even on a small budget. For example, by choosing to stay in a guesthouse, hostel or homestay, you can save a lot of money and have an incredible experience!

When I’m looking for accommodation, I generally use for the first night. Then, if I plan to stay a little longer in the same place, I book the following nights directly with the accommodation. It’s a great way to save on booking platform fees.

Picture of a beautiful hostel in Guatemala with a view over the volcan

Use public transport

If you’re traveling alone or in an “expensive” country, using public transport is a great way to travel on a budget. What’s more, it allows you to experience the local way of life. I usually find out about this on the spot, or if I’m in Asia, on the website, which is also a very good price comparison tool for Asia.

If you still decide to rent a car, compare the prices of the different agencies and remain flexible on the dates. Personally, I use to find the best deals.

My best hacks to rent a cheap car

Buy local / cook

This is a basic tip, but one that allows you to travel on a budget. I’m the first to love going to a fancy café to eat an “Instagrammable” dish, but often these meals aren’t the cheapest. By opting for local restaurants or street food stalls, it’s very easy to eat for cheap and above all have an interesting culinary experience.

If you’re traveling to countries like Scandinavia, an excellent budget tip is to cook for yourself.

travel on budget means eating local

Create a travel budget

By creating a budget before you leave, you’re more likely to stick to it during your trip. You’ll find many blog articles and websites that give you an idea of the average budget needed to visit a particular country.

Then, to track your expenses on a daily basis, I love using the TravelSpend application. You can even separate your expenses by type (transport, food, accommodation, etc.). I really recommend it, especially if you’re planning to travel for a long time.

Find out what to do

Travel is often synonymous with activities to discover the country and its culture. But let’s face it, sometimes some activities just don’t come cheap. What I like to do before arriving at a new destination is to do a little research on what’s available locally. Then I make a list of the activities I really want to do, whether they’re paid for or not.

For every place I’ve been lucky enough to visit, I’ve always found free or very inexpensive activities. Often these are also in nature!

However, if you want to do paid activities, I advise you to check prices directly with the local agencies. If this isn’t possible, visit sites such as or, which often offer these excursions (prices are slightly higher than direct booking).

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