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How to spend a perfect 3-days weekend at Lake Constance

Are you planning to spend a wonderful weekend at Lake Constance, whether on the German, Austrian or Swiss side? Find out everything you need to know here before going to Lake Constance !

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Last August, I went for a weekend with some friends to the Lake of Constance, Bodensee in German. Living in Switzerland, it is a part of my country that I had never visited, but on the contrary I had heard a lot about it. I say a part of my country, because for those who don’t know it, the Lake of Constance is located on the border of three countries, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

For our trip, we were quite late in booking our accommodation. We chose the city of Friedrichshafen, Germany, where we rented a small apartment, Ferienwohnung Susanna. The apartment was very well equipped and perfect for a weekend. Although this city is a little less known than its neighbors, its old town is still very nice.

3-days weekend at Lake Constance

Day 1: City of Constance and Friedrichshafen

After a little less than three hours of driving, we are in the city of Constance in Germany, where our weekend begins. A magnificent citadel with historical buildings everywhere that make you want to get lost in the alleys. I couldn’t give you a list of places to visit first, but rather take the time to wander through the streets. Another part I enjoyed was the lakefront. There are plenty of places to sit in the shade or the sun and a very nice view of the whole lake.

We found a great place to eat or just have a drink, The Tonic. It is located on the edge of the old town. The prices are correct and the terrace is great.

In the middle of the afternoon, we kindly took the direction of Friedrichshafen where our accommodation was waiting for us. To get to the other side of the lake, the best way is to take the ferry between Constance and Meersburg, about 20 minutes and 25 EURO for four people and a car and we are on the other side.

The trip from Meersburg to our drop-off point is a dream. You drive between the vineyards with the lake in the background and a little further on you can see the mountains. Despite the traffic jams, the trip went by very quickly.

To finish this first day, our playground was Friedrichshafen and its old town. A little stroll along the waterfront, passing by the Ferris wheel and ending up on a terrace to have an aperitif, you’ll tell me what more to ask! Although Friedrichshafen is not the most beautiful city of the region, nor the most animated, I still liked its architecture, especially the one of the old town.

Small note, if you are a big fan of sushi, the Sushi & Nem, will make you happy!

Friedrichhafen Lake Constance in Germany

Day 2: Discovery of the Lindau peninsula and more

First step of any successful day, a champion lunch and to achieve this goal, we found a kind of Starbucks style café, but cheaper, the Aika, at the waterfront in Friedrichshafen. You can find all styles of food for a good lunch.

Once our bellies were full, we headed to Lindau to continue our weekend at Lake Constance. A tip, use the park and ride at the entrance of the city. They are cheap and include the price of the bus ticket in the price of the parking. The bus will take you directly to the peninsula and there are connections every 15 minutes.

Lindau peninsula is one of those places where you come once and you immediately think that it is very nice. The alleys are colorful. There are historical buildings everywhere, I think particularly of the station which is magnificent. The pier offers a beautiful view on the lake. The atmosphere of Lindau is very pleasant and makes you want to stay there.

Lindau at Lake constance, the perfect spot for a weekend

A warm day means swimming. East of Lindau, we found a small free beach, Strandbad Eichwald, very nice with a beautiful view on the mountains. It is only a few minutes away from the city center.

To end the day on a high note, we went to Langenargen a bit randomly, in order to find a place to have a good meal and spend a nice evening. We found the right place and saw a beautiful sunset. Actually one of the most beautiful I have seen! The place in question is just next to the Seehotel Litz. Do not hesitate to walk along the lake before leaving. It is magnificent and especially at the time of the sunset.

Happy evening dinner at Lake Constance

Day 3: Meersburg

For our last day of weekend at the Lake of Constance, we had as a plan to discover Meersburg and to take a jump in the lake before going back home. Here is the plan in a nutshell.

As for the second day, we had lunch in Friedrichshafen in a small café that I highly recommend, the Karamell Kafe. It offers different types of lunch with some vegan versions, all in hyper affordable prices. In short, if you are looking for a place for brunch, this is the place to go!

Then we drove back to Meersburg, about 30 minutes away, if everything goes well. There is a large parking lot just a few minutes walk from the old town. And then you just have to let yourself be carried away in the alleys and discover this beautiful city. I recommend you to go up on the terrace of the castle. From there, you will have a wonderful view on the busy street below and on the lake.

weekend at lake constance, Meersburg

From Meersburg, you can also take a boat to different towns on Lake Constance or take a ferry across the lake.

After spending about two hours in this city and in the sweltering heat, we went looking for a small beach to swim. We found our happiness in Überlingen at the Ostbad. The entrance fee is 3 EURO. The swimming area is nice, on one side pebbles and on the other side “sand” with many shady places.

After this last activity, we drove back to Switzerland and ended our mini-trip at the Lake of Constance.

Where to stay in Friedrichshafen, Lake Constance?

Stadthaus Seeblick G5 – Hostel ($)

Ferienwohnung Susanna ($$), where we stayed

Hotel Merian ($$$)

I hope that thanks to my article, I will have given you the desire to discover this magnificent region! In any case, don’t hesitate to write me if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.

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