Aare Gorge, Switzerland: All You Need to Know

Are you planning to discover the magnificent Aare Gorge in Switzerland? Discover here all the information you need to know from a local before going to the Aare Gorge !

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The Aare Gorge in the canton of Bern is one of my favorite places in Switzerland. I have visited it several times and each time I discover new features, between the cliffs, the Aare and the path that winds through the mountain. It is a powerful and peaceful place at the same time.

In this article, I share with you all the informations you need to know about the Aare Gorge, then some rather practical information before ending with my experience. Have a good reading!

Aares Gorges in Switzerland

The Aare Gorge

The Aare Gorge is the result of thousands of years of erosion by the waters of the Aare. A river that becomes a river and whose course begins at the top of the Grimsel Pass to end its course in the Rhine, after having crossed part of Switzerland. Between you and me, if you have time, the Grimsel Pass is a magnificent place, suitable for hiking. The length of the gorge is 1.4 kilometers. In some places, the passage is very narrow, about 1-2 meters at the most. The special color of the water, turquoise blue, green, is due to the high concentration of minerals in the Aare.

The walking trail in Meiringen

Where is the Aare Gorge ?

As mentioned above, the Aare Gorge is located in Switzerland in the canton of Bern, more precisely in the Bernese Oberland near Brienz. There are two possible accesses, on both sides of the gorge either to Meiringen (west) or to Innertkirchen (east). Aareschlucht West and Ost are on the same road.

How to get to there ?

By car

From Bern, it takes about 1h20 to get there. On both sides, you will find a parking lot. It seems to me that the parking is free.
From Interlaken, the journey takes about 30 minutes.

By public transportation

There are direct trains from Interlaken and Lucerne every hour. If you are arriving from Meiringen station, the line to Innertkirchen offers an easy stop at either Aareschlucht West or Ost.

Hiking the Aare Gorge

The crossing of the Aare Gorge takes about 40 minutes. The route is made up of footbridges, tunnels and small corners to discover. All along the way, you will walk along the Aare River, which has a turquoise-green color that almost makes you want to take a swim.

The Aare Gorge is partially accessible for wheelchairs from the West entrance to the main part. The route is on the whole rather flat. It is quite feasible with small children. I know that there is also a loop that gives you another view of the gorge. But, personally, I have never done it. It lasts about an hour according to the official website.

On both sides of the gorge, there is a small restaurant and even a small place to buy a souvenir.

How much does it cost ?

Adult: 10 CHF/UDS

Kid above 6 years old : 6.50 CHF/USD

Kid under 6 years old: free

It is possible to take a combined ticket that allows you to discover Reichenbachfall. A magnificent waterfall which is located a few kilometers from the Aare Gorge. This ticket costs 18 CHF for an adult and 13 CHF for a child.

If you are a holder of one of the following cards: Jungfrauregion Tourismus AG, Interlaken Tourismus, Brienz Tourismus, Obwalden Tourismus, you will receive a discount of 20% on admission !

Opening hours

01.04. – 16.06.2023   08h30 – 17h30
17.06. – 17.09.2023   08h30 – 18h30
18.09. – 01.11.2023     08h30 – 17h30

During the summer, from Saturday to Sunday, the opening hours are extended until 10 pm, which allows you to visit the Aare Gorge at nightfall with a totally different atmosphere than during the day.

Aares Gorges from the north side

My tips for visiting the Aare Gorge

Having visited this place several times, which remains magical each time, I find that the best season is the fall. With the trees changing colors and the water tint, the place becomes magical. My favorite part is near the OST entrance. The views of the Aare are breathtaking and the cliffs are magnificent. To avoid the crowd, it is best to go at the beginning or end of the day, evenings are also a very good alternative.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and that it has made you want to discover the Aare Gorge. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or remarks!

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