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Travel journal: The ultimate guide

Before starting your reading, I prefer to warn you that English is not my mother tongue and there may be some mistakes! thank you for your understanding and enjoy your reading

It could be a book or just a simple Word page that follows you around the world during your different travels. It allows you to keep track of your journeys aboard and your discoveries. This little or big book gives you the possibility to write your feelings and most important your experiences around the world and during your travel. 

So I choose in this article to share with you my advice to create the perfect travel diary that will suit you.

So let’s started!

For my part, initially, I did not really know how to do what style to give. If I had to choose one page a day or a half page? If I had to write every day or just the big events of my trip. I was a bit lost but I really wanted to keep track of my trip!

The travel books of other travelers or articles visible on Pinterest inspired me a lot. In order to create the model that suits me the most and is the most practical in my opinion!

I ended up with the option for one page a day, or two pages if they were really memorable, with titles and maps at the beginning of each new chapter, country. To make it a little more fun, I added photos, bus tickets, airline tickets and more.

This is an exemple of a few pages of my travel journal.

To make this travel diary, I chose a sky blue notebook with blank pages in A5 format. My notebook comes from Typo. He also has an elastic band all around that prevents him from opening and leaving papers or notes to escape.

I preferred to take blank pages in order to be free at most in my creation; however, it is true that to write, the lineage pages would have been more practical. But they would have left fewer places for my imagination. For even more personalize, I decided to stick stickers found during my travels.

My tips: 

If you also want to keep a travel journal! I will give you some tips that have been useful to me to create mine! Let’s go!

  • If you miss inspiration, look on Pinterest or Instagram. There are so many examples
  • Choose a format that suits you, either by the size or the regularity of writing (days, weeks,…)
  • Take a notebook with you to write a rough draft or scribble a few notes when you do not have much time to devote to your “official” notebook.
  • Leave place to paste photos later if you feel like it!
  • Let your imagination speak and your desires

Finally, I would just like to say that the travel diary is a really nice tool. That allows us to remember the moments lived during the adventure, the routes and keep a nice personalized souvenir!

And you, how is your travel diary?

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